Project Overview

The Northgate Lions Seniors Recreation Centre will be undergoing rehabilitation work starting in summer 2023. The rehabilitation project requires a temporary closure of the entire facility. It is anticipated to reopen in spring 2024. 

The work includes both interior alterations and parking lot renewal to increase usability and accessibility throughout the site and building.

The project will:

  • Update mechanical and electrical systems, including the replacement of the hot water distribution system in the original building section, installation of direct digital controls on the HVAC system, addition of a new condensing unit on the roof, and replacement of electrical fixtures and panels.
  • Replace the front exterior and interior entrance doors, as well as the front entrance elevator.
  • Replace shower flooring in the men's locker room and the bi-parting accordion partition.
  • Restore the asphalt outside of the main entrance (bus stop).
  • Replace the skylights and the roof hatch.

We understand the impact of the closure on users. The rehabilitation work is necessary for continued operations.

We are working with the North Edmonton Seniors Association to explore options for programming locations during the rehabilitation work, and look forward to continued partnership in this facility.