A new district park is being developed in the Heritage Valley area.

Project Update - March 2024

Most of the planned construction in Heritage Valley District Park is complete.

Stage 1A has been accessible by the user groups since August 2022. Remaining two Stages 1B and 2A are currently under maintenance and will not be available until summer 2024. This is to allow seeds to be germinated.

Construction Map

The new Catholic school (Father Michael McCaffery) is under construction by Alberta Infrastructure on the northwest side of Heritage Valley District Park. To accommodate construction of the school, a temporary access road and a laydown area within the park is still required. As a result, additional construction on the last portion of the park (Stage 2B) will be needed once the temporary access road and laydown is no longer needed. Construction will be initiated once the school is built.

Project Overview

The City is currently in the build phase for the Heritage Valley District Park which will support the growing Heritage Valley area. It will be home to two high schools, a community centre, multiple sports fields, and a variety of open space amenities to serve the area.

Through a series of public engagement opportunities, the City gathered input from residents and property owners, the public and Catholic school boards, community leagues, sports groups and organizations. The feedback gathered, along with City policies and technical requirements, was used to develop a final design.

Construction was to begin in summer 2021. A delay in securing a contractor due to funding constraints resulted in execution of only critical scope of the work in 2021, and rescheduling remaining work moved to 2022. 

Project Stages

The project began in 2020 and will be completed in 2 stages, subject to funding approval.

map of stages 1 and 2see larger view