Day Pass

The Day Pass allows unlimited travel on ETS, for a single day, from start of service until end of service, for one adult. This includes Late Night Owl service, which runs after midnight.

The ETS Day Pass is also transferable and can be used on any day of the week (unless it is purchased from a Ticket Vending Machine. If so, it must be used that same day). A Day Pass costs $10.25.

Family Pass

Family Pass provides unlimited daily travel on ETS for up to 5 people (maximum of 2 adults over 24 years old) for $10.25. 

The Family Pass is valid on the bus, LRT and on event shuttles for the Edmonton Heritage Festival and the Edmonton Folk Festival.

ETS is using the same pass for the Day Pass and the Family Pass. When buying the pass at ticket vending machines, select the “Day Pass” option.

Family/Day Passes can be purchased anywhere ETS fare products are sold.


  • Passes purchased from ticket vending machines will be validated when purchased. You are unable to purchase an unvalidated Family/Day pass for future use from a ticket vending machine
  • If the first trip with your Family/Day Pass will begin on a bus, hand your unscratched Family/Day Pass to the operator, who will mark it for you or will instruct you to do so
  • If the first trip with your Family/Day Pass will be on the LRT, be sure to mark the year, month and day that you are currently using the pass. Attempting to ride without a marked Family/Day Pass may result in you receiving a $150 fine for fare evasion