About the Department

Integrated Infrastructure Services designs and delivers infrastructure on behalf of Council and citizens. This department is responsible for delivering more than $7 billion in infrastructure projects over the next few years. Details for capital projects including a project map can be found on Building Edmonton.

Infrastructure Planning and Design

This branch helps build a great city through the planning and design of facilities and transportation infrastructure that serve all Edmontonians. The Branch provides facility, environmental and geotechnical engineering expertise to the corporation. They integrate existing policies and strategies, the results of public engagement, and lifecycle renewal requirements to advance capital infrastructure projects through the planning and design phases.

Infrastructure Planning and Design connects with business partners, the community and other stakeholders in the project development to determine scope, schedule and budget before transitioning projects to the Infrastructure Delivery branch for execution.

Infrastructure Delivery

The Infrastructure Delivery Branch is committed to building a great city for Edmontonians. Our focus includes executing effective project and construction management to deliver high-quality public infrastructure within the defined parameters and expectations identified by City Council in the approved capital budget. This work extends to include the rehabilitation of existing as well as new transportation and facilities assets for which residents of Edmonton can depend and rely as part of our municipal services.

Through sound project management principles, including a robust quality assurance program, the Branch ensures stewardship and oversight of our infrastructure projects to ensure they meet their intended purpose and use by Edmontonians and stakeholders.

LRT Expansion and Renewal

This branch is responsible for delivering Light Rail Transit (LRT) infrastructure so Edmontonians can get to where they need to go with more choices, including sustainable transportation modes.

LRT Expansion and Renewal is focused on public and stakeholder engagement, design, procurement readiness, procurement, contract administration, project management, project delivery and technical services for LRT expansion projects and LRT infrastructure renewal. The Branch also supports long-term planning of the LRT network. The Branch is experienced in alternative project delivery, including Public-Private Partnerships and Design-Build for large complex projects.

Building Great Neighbourhoods

This branch builds, renews and enhances neighbourhood and open space infrastructure to create resilient, energized and healthy communities and spaces where people live and play.

The Building Great Neighbourhoods Branch engages with Edmontonians, external stakeholders and business partners to sustain and transform neighbourhoods and open spaces. The Branch oversees the planning, design and delivery of open space and neighbourhood infrastructure projects. in order to serve the needs of Edmontonians for both today and tomorrow.

Blatchford Redevelopment Office

The Blatchford Redevelopment Office leads the overall neighbourhood planning, land servicing, marketing and sales of serviced lots. The Blatchford Redevelopment Office also includes the Renewable Energy Systems section which operates renewable energy utilities in Blatchford and the downtown, as well as is responsible for the implementation of Edmonton's first district energy strategy.

The Blatchford Redevelopment Office brings together expertise in planning, design, engagement, project management, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, operations, and construction to build the city that Edmontonians tell us they want to live in.