About the Department

A front-line partner with citizens and communities committed to creating a safe, healthy, and vibrant city. On any given day, this department manages hundreds of activities in its commitment to serving the people of Edmonton and making a difference, every day.

Department Organization

Community Recreation and Culture

Community Recreation and Culture enhances the livability and vibrancy of the city by providing places and opportunities for all Edmontonians to gather, connect, recreate and celebrate. 

Community Standards & Neighbourhoods

Community Standards and Neighbourhoods enhances a livable city by supporting safe properties and a civil urban society that meets the standards and expectations of communities. This is accomplished by the identification of standards, together with the education, compliance and, where necessary, enforcement initiatives required to uphold them. 

They work directly with citizens in the neighbourhoods in which they live to promote a culture of civic engagement, build great neighbourhoods, enhance family and community capacity, coordinate service delivery, operate and maintain parks, enhance the urban forest, and invest in revitalization initiatives.

Social Development

Social Development partners and collaborates with community to support and enable citizen-centric approaches to create an Edmonton for All. As part of Community Services, the branch strives to ensure that every person, regardless of gender, age, ability or place of origin, is engaged, included and afforded equitable opportunities to thrive in their community.