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The Edmonton Combative Sports Commission is the sanctioning body responsible for regulating professional combative sports events in the City of Edmonton.

The City of Edmonton is currently accepting applications for large-scale combative sports events. Venues must have a capacity of 4,000 or more to be considered for a combative sports event in Edmonton.


To participate, host or officiate a sanctioned combative sports event requires a City of Edmonton Licence. All licence applications are submitted to the City of Edmonton for review prior to the issuance of a licence.  

The application process is subject to change. Questions may be directed to the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission.

Bylaws and Regulations


The Edmonton Combative Sport Commission (ECSC) governs all combative events conducted in the City of Edmonton. These rules and policies ensure that all sanctioned events will be held in accordance with the City of Edmonton Bylaws.


  • Policy 2 - Licensing - Promoters
  • Policy 4 - Event Permits
  • Policy 6 - Approving Dates for Combative Sports Events When More Than One Promoter is Requesting the Same Date
  • Policy 7 - Fighter Pro Debut Criteria
  • Policy 9 - Suspensions and Rest Periods for Combative Sport Contestants
  • Policy 10 - Ringside Privileges
  • Policy 11 - Advertising & Temporary Tattoos
  • Policy 12 - Professional Wrestling
  • Policy 13 - Drug Testing

Operational Policies

  • Officials Training
    Overview of the steps necessary to ensure adequate training, testing and role shadowing for event officials.

Unified Rules

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts Unified Rules and other important regulations including 2012 Revisions to MMA Judging Criteria.


World and Regional Championship Bouts Rules
Association of Boxing Commissions regulatory guidelines and rules for all world and regional championship bouts.

Unified Rules of Boxing
The ECSC has adopted the Unified Rules of Boxing approved by the Association of Boxing Commissions.

Application Submissions

Applications can be submitted either:

By Email

Please send the signed and scanned pages to

By Mail

City of Edmonton
Attn: Edmonton Combative Sports 
Box 2359, Edmonton, Alberta 
T5J 2R7  

About the Committee

The ECSC is a Council Committee composed of up to 7 volunteer citizen members and provides advisory services, and develops rules, regulations and policy. The Commission also oversees combative sport appeals and discipline hearings.

Services provided:

  • Council advisory services
  • Develop rules and regulations
  • Policy development, governance
  • Industry stakeholder engagement
  • Collaboration with sanctioning bodies

Executive Director

City Administration, through the Executive Director position, supports operational services and activities. The Executive Director, an employee of the City, is responsible for operational decisions about combative sports in Edmonton, including licensing and permitting decisions.

Services provided:

  • Implement and enforce licensing procedures
  • Enforce the rules and regulations
  • Service licensed events by providing officials
  • Training and management of officials, undertakes research

Information about Serving on the Commission

Online applications to fill Commission vacancies are accepted in the annual December/January Recruitment Campaign.

Members and Meetings


Citizen Members

Name of Appointees First Appointed Term Expiry Date
Tye Babb May 01/19 Apr 30/25
Brandy Badry May 01/23 Apr 30/25
Trevor Kelly (Chair) May 01/19 Apr 30/25
Rashi Khullar Manku May 01/23 Apr 30/25
Kevin Malahy May 01/21 Apr 30/25
Nateram Seecharan May 01/22 Apr 30/24
Andrew Soto (Vice-Chair) May 01/23 Apr 30/25

Board Members Roles and Responsibilities

2024 Meetings

Location: Virtual
Time: 7pm


YouTube: View Channel

Phone Numbers (CA): +1 705-419-7249 PIN: ‪618 399 647#‬

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Past Meeting Resources

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
January 9 Agenda Minutes
February 13 Agenda Minutes
March 13 Agenda Minutes
April 17 Agenda Minutes
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December 12 Cancelled  

For More Information

Forrest Gavins

Title Executive Director, Edmonton Combative Sports Commission
Telephone 780 218-2966

Yetunde Adebiyi

Title Communications Advisor, City of Edmonton
Telephone 780-446-8278