About the Program

Sidewalk reconstruction is part of the City's Neighbourhood Renewal program and is subject to the approval of the Local Improvement Bylaw. When a neighbourhood is scheduled for reconstruction, the sidewalks are included in the project scope.

  • City-initiated local improvement
  • Cost shared 50-50 between the City at large and property owners
  • Neighbourhoods divided into project areas
  • Property owners receive a Local Improvement Notice in the mail prior to construction

Sidewalk reconstruction includes:

  • Removal of existing concrete
  • Excavation
  • Laying of gravel base
  • Pouring new concrete with reinforcing steel
  • Connecting sidewalk to property owner sidewalk
  • Re-landscaping of disturbed areas to City specifications

The Local Improvement Process

A local improvement can be initiated by the City of Edmonton based on an infrastructure assessment and the need for repairs or replacement. Alternatively, it can be requested by property owners via an Expression of Interest (EOI), where they must prove majority support (50% + 1) in order for the local improvement to move forward.

Specific procedures and timelines vary depending upon the type of local improvement. The City mails such details to property owners in a Local Improvement Notice. Once the notice is issued, residents have 30 days to petition against the local improvement. A majority of the affected property owners need to sign the petition in order to defeat the local improvement.


  • If the petition against the project is unsuccessful, City Council approves a Local Improvement Bylaw, after which construction must proceed within three years.
  • If the petition against the project is successful, the proposed improvement does not proceed.
Current Rates

Rates are set annually to reflect construction market prices and interest rates.

2024 Neighbourhood Sidewalk Reconstruction (50/50) rates are:

$198.52/m - cash rate
$16.93/m - amortized for 20 years

Cost for a typical 15.24m (50ft) lot:

One-time payment


Amortized over 20 years

$258.01 /yr for 20 years*

*Higher annual charge includes interest.

Cost Share

Part of the City’s funding is borrowed from the provincial government. This cost is passed on to property owners who choose to extend their payments over the course of local improvement. Exact costs are provided with the Local Improvement Notice. This tax is associated with the property and not with the property owner.

Payment Options

  1. One-time cash payment to the City
  2. Property tax levy amortized over 20 years
Corner Lots

All residential lots with frontage (sidewalk at the front of a property) abutting local improvement construction will be assessed the full rate (50% of the cost). Corner lots that abut and flank proposed local improvement construction (sidewalks on both the front and side of the property) will be assessed the full rate on the short side (frontage) and 15% of the length of the long side (flankage).

Sidewalk Reconstruction - Calculating the Cost to Property Owners

Odd or Pie-shaped Lots

Sidewalk Reconstruction - Calculating the Cost to Property OwnersThe cost is determined by adding the front and rear lot dimensions and dividing the total in half. The average is used for the purposes of assessment and may not be more than twice the front lot dimension. The rear dimension of a pie-shaped lot is scaled off the corner at the shortest side and is projected at a right angle to the longest side.

Petitioning Sidewalk Reconstruction

Property owners may petition against a sidewalk reconstruction within 30 days of receiving the Local Improvement Notice.

  • For neighbourhoods that are part of a Neighbourhood Renewal Program, Neighbourhoods are divided into project areas. In order to defeat a sidewalk local improvement project, the City must receive valid petitions back from a majority of the property owners within their project area. (Majority = 50% + 1 of the benefitting owners).
  • For project areas where valid and sufficient petitions have been received, the project area will continue to be maintained with maintenance procedures only which include patching, grinding and mud jacking
  • If sidewalk reconstruction is requested by the property owners in the future and there is no Neighbourhood Renewal program occurring simultaneously, the property owners will be responsible to pay for 100% of the cost