About the Program

The Neighbourhood Renewal Program is part of the Building Great Neighbourhoods Branch. It outlines a cost effective, long-term strategic approach to renew and rebuild roads, sidewalks and street lights in existing neighbourhoods and collector roadways. The program balances the need to rebuild in some neighbourhoods with a preventive maintenance approach in others.

Types of Neighbourhood Renewal

The types of neighbourhood renewal work vary depending on the state of the roads:

Industrial/Residential Neighbourhoods:

Preventive Maintenance - Roads are resealed to extend their lifespan.

Overlay - Roads are repaved and sidewalk panels treated to eliminate trip hazards.

Reconstruction - Roads are repaved, and street lights and sidewalks replaced.

    Collector Road RenewalWith priority on bus routes.

    Northeast Road Reconstruction Program: Replacement of roads with special drainage enhancement and selective concrete repair.


    • Combination of reconstruction, overlay, and preventive maintenance means neighbourhoods benefit faster and at a lower cost than a reconstruction-only program
    • Replace sidewalks that have cracking, protruding grass, and trip hazards
    • Replace uneven curbs and gutters
    • Repave roadways that have potholes, cracks, and broken asphalt
    • Replace rusting and tilted light stands
    • Construct curb ramps and other intersection improvements
    • Address missing links in sidewalks and bike system per the Sustainable Transportation strategy plans
    • Decorative streetlight option for neighbourhoods scheduled for reconstruction