The City of Edmonton offers a Property Tax Monthly Payment Plan that enables you to pay your taxes monthly, instead of in 1 annual payment.

After you enrol in this plan, your monthly property tax amount will be withdrawn directly from your bank account on the first business day of each month. By paying your property taxes monthly through this plan, you can be certain your property taxes are paid in full each year and you will not incur any late-payment penalties.

How it Works

For the first 6 months of the year, your monthly instalment is based on 1/12 of the previous year’s tax amount. The instalment amount is adjusted for the last 6 months of the year based on the new annual tax amount.

If you join any time during a tax year (January 1-December 31), you must make up any “missed payments.” For example, if you decide to start automatic bank withdrawals on May 1, you need to make up the payments for January, February, March and April and pay a 1-time administration fee. The missed monthly instalments may be included in your first automatic bank withdrawal.

You can enrol in this plan at any time. However, we recommend you join by the end of October for the upcoming tax year to avoid paying a one-time administration fee—2% of the initial payment amount.

The amount of property taxes each property owner in Edmonton pays is unique to that property. Therefore, the process of joining this plan required the City issue an enrolment application that reflects the current state of your property tax account.