Each year, per the Municipal Government Act, Chapter M-26, RSA 2000, Part 10, Division 8, the City of Edmonton holds a public auction of properties that have a Tax Recovery Notification (caveat) registered on the Certificate of Title for the property as a result of unpaid property taxes.

A Tax Recovery Notification is registered on any property with tax arrears of more than one year following the Municipal Government Act, s.412(1), and the property must be offered for sale at a public auction if the tax arrears are not paid within one year from the date the Tax notification is registered.

The City advises all property owners to pay property taxes on time to avoid paying late-payment penalties and having their property listed at the City’s tax sale auction.

Purchasing a Property at the Tax Sale Auction

Review the public auction listing on the morning of the auction to ensure the property you are interested in is still available, and become familiar with the terms and conditions of sale for public auction.

All properties will be auctioned at fair market value, as determined by an independent appraisal of each property.