The landscape and amenity redevelopment around Beaumaris Lake is complete with deficiency corrections ongoing.

Project Update - May 2023

Completion of deficiency work is ongoing, though the space is open for Edmontonians to enjoy. Final completion is expected in summer 2023.

About the Project

Built in the late 1970s, Beaumaris Lake is Edmonton’s first and largest stormwater lake. The lake serves as both a stormwater management facility and a recreation destination for area residents and visitors.

The City initiated a rehabilitation project for the landscape (open spaces) and amenities around the lake. The City engaged with visiting users and residents to guide the vision and concept development for this open space project.

See the Project Overview for more information about the decisions that were refined during the detailed design phase.  

Project Timeline

Project Life Cycle

Image of a map showing the proposed construction.

2020 and 2021


Construction completion


Construction begins
Map of Construction Phases

2018 and 2019


Detailed design completed

  • Preliminary design: further development of preferred concept
  • Concept plan completed
  • Public engagement: reviewed preferred concept and made adjustments

What We Heard
Preliminary Design Report (11MB)



Public engagement: reviewed 3 concept options and gathered feedback to narrow down a preferred concept

Concept Options
What We Heard
Concept Design Report (24MB)


Functional Program public engagement: confirm the program for Beaumaris Lake - gathered feedback to understand community needs, operational requirements and long-term goals and vision for the site

2015 and Earlier

Beaumaris Lake stormwater condition assessment public consultation
Display Boards

Needs assessment stakeholder interviews

Project Overview

In 2016, the City completed a condition assessment of Beaumaris Lake which included the surrounding landscape, community amenities (open space) and the stormwater facility (lake). While the stormwater facility was confirmed to be functioning well in terms of flood protection and water quality enhancement, the assessment pointed to a need for rehabilitation of the surrounding landscaping and open spaces around the  stormwater facility and adjacent park.

The objective of this first project phase was to develop a functional plan - essentially the long-term “vision” for the lake - which would be used to create concepts. Approved concepts were used to help inform designs required for the request for funding in the 2019 to 2022 capital budget cycle.

Two rounds of public engagement activities, for each phase of the project, were completed to find out how residents and visiting users were using the open space surrounding the stormwater facility. Feedback gathered outlined what people would like to see improved or changed.

A number of concept options were created for the sections of open space around the stormwater facility based on the feedback gathered. These concept options were then shared with the public to provide an opportunity for input on what they liked and what they would prefer changed.