Beat The Crowds #yegdtHacks

For the best experience possible, here are some LRT tips to beat the crowds:

  • Park for free at any LRT park and ride lot and transfer to a train (regular fares apply)
  • Use a Capital Line train
  • Stand clear of LRT doors/do not hold doors, in order to keep trains running on time
  • Your best route is to use Bay/Enterprise Square and walk a few short blocks
  • Post event: Metro Line trains turn back at Health Sciences station as scheduled. Transfer to a Capital Line train in a warm, Downtown station to travel south to McKernan/Belgravia, South Campus/Fort Edmonton Park, Southgate, or Century Park stations. 

  • Leave extra travel time
  • Plan your trip in advance using ETS real-time tools

Add your tips and tricks for getting around on transit to Twitter using the hashtag #yegdtHacks.