Ambassadors for the City

The success of our business depends on the expertise and support of our administrative professionals. These enthusiastic individuals are responsible for various activities and set the tone of professionalism and positivity in the workplace.

Ensuring information is always organized and accessible, administrative professionals often act as the first point of contact between different departments as well as with external clients, and are excellent ambassadors for our organization.

Career Advancement Potential

An organization with career potential

Stretching out before you as endless as your future, the City of Edmonton offers incredible career advancement potential.

  • A growing and urban city: endless opportunities to assist the City of Edmonton deliver exceptional customer service to Edmontonians and visitors
  • Supportive leaders and managers: work with and learn from directors and managers that influence the way Edmontonians live, work and play every day
  • Multi-faceted work environment: support one of many different offices and departments within the City
  • Collaboration: work independently as well as within teams to achieve team goals leading to success
  • Comprehensive training: work with managers and co-workers who will support and encourage your career development and ensure you have access to various training opportunities.
What It Takes To Succeed

What it takes to succeed

At the City of Edmonton, we look for people who demonstrate specific professional skills and qualities. Although our team is highly diverse, our administrative professionals have some qualities in common.

  • Interpersonal skills: very important when working with internal and external clients at all levels
  • Organizational ability: vital to ensure a fully functioning professional work environment where information is readily available
  • Customer service skills: essential to your success as you will be providing exemplary and professional customer service to your team members, external clients within the City of Edmonton and the general public
  • Teamwork: working with your team members and leaders on various projects and tasks will ensure a productive and fun work life. This collaboration will also ensure you meet your team goals as well as work towards achieving the larger corporate goals
  • Ambition and enthusiasm: continuous motivation and passion about the work you do and the impact you have on the corporation and citizens means you will set a great example for your peers and the public
  • Professionalism: is key in all aspects of your work like putting your best foot forward.

Why our employees enjoy their careers

We know there are many reasons why administrative professionals love working with the City of Edmonton. And we'd be more than happy to explain them. But we believe it's best that you hear from our team members who go out of their way to serve our internal and external clients on a daily basis.

I joined the City because I wanted to be a part of a larger organization where I would be part of a team. Factors that helped me make my decision were compensation, stability, and the leadership structure.

— Milena Bruchsdruecker, Employment Assistant

As an employer, I'd say that 'public involvement,' 'recognition,' and 'encouragement of health and wellness' would describe the City. As for the culture or philosophy, the words 'belief', 'integration' and 'success' come to mind. It's a fun place to work, helping the citizens of Edmonton with their needs.

— Roshila Singh, Word Processing Data Clerk II

My personal advancement opportunities have been great. Being encouraged to further my education and being rewarded with new challenges has opened many doors for me, both personally and professionally.

— Abena Boateng-Queeley, 311 Customer Service Agent

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