anti-racism strategy feature

At the City, we believe everyone who lives here is an Edmontonian, that every Edmontonian deserves to call this place home. The Anti-racism Strategy brings our community together to improve equity, end poverty, eliminate racism and make clear progress towards Truth and Reconciliation. We acknowledge that this is complex and multifaceted work and are developing a number of different approaches to address that complexity head on. Together, we will create a City - a home - where every individual, in all their unique diversity, belongs.

Program Overview

Anti-racism is the active, ongoing strategy and process that seeks to identify and eliminate racism by changing systems, institutions, policies and attitudes that perpetuate racism.  

At its first meeting after the 2021 election, Edmonton City Council directed City Administration to develop a comprehensive anti-racism strategy. On February 22, 2022 Council approved the City’s Anti-racism Strategy.