The Community Standards Branch regulates the conduct of people on private and public property to promote safe and enjoyable neighbourhoods for the benefit of all residents and visitors.

Online Bylaw Complaints

While you have to call 311 for certain bylaw complaints, you can register some bylaw complaints online:

Be sure to follow all directions and to make a single complaint per form when you make a complaint online.

Reporting Your Concerns

If you have a concern about a bylaw infraction:

  • Discuss the concern directly with your neighbour
  • Record the address of the violation and a description of the problem if you can't resolve it directly with your neighbour
  • Call 311 or make a complaint online
  • Provide your name, address, phone number, and the details of your concern in case your testimony is required in court

Responding to Your Complaint

After you call 311 or make a complaint online, the City takes these steps to help with your issue:

  1. A file is created specifying your concerns
  2. A Municipal Enforcement Officer (MEO), Community Standards Peace Officer (CPO), or Animal Control Officer (ACO) opens an investigation
  3. The officer investigates your complaint within 4 business days
  4. The officer may issue a warning notice with directions to remedy the problem within a specified time frame, or issue a fine immediately, depending on the circumstances
  5. The officer may issue an order, which allows the City to fix the problem and bill the property owner for the cost
  6. The City may contact you to appear as a witness, if the matter goes to court

Appealing a Tag or Order

The appeal process varies depending on the particular circumstances of the case, so contact the Bylaw Services office by dialing 311 for information on the appeal process. You may also wait until you receive a violation ticket with court appearance instructions, which will tell you exactly what to do.