Bike Plan image of tandem bike

The Edmonton Bike Plan and the Bike Plan Implementation Guide provide direction for how biking fits into our city and support the City's vision of a connected, accessible city.

Active Transportation Network Expansion Update

City Council approved $100 million to proceed with the active transportation network expansion as part of the 2023-2026 budget. Implementation will focus on the redeveloping areas of the city, with bike routes in developing areas continuing to be carried out primarily through developer-funded construction of new neighbourhoods and roadways.

Supporting Cycling Infrastructure and Programs

The Bike Plan and The Bike Plan Implementation Guide lay the foundation for a network that is accessible and predictable for people of all ages and abilities and where people can choose to bike for any reason and in any season.

The plans support active transportation and safe and direct routes for people commuting to work, running errands, accessing the river valley for recreational trips and improving neighbourhood networks to connect people to local destinations.

The Bike Plan and the implementation guide are based on knowledge gained over the past 10 years, including recent changes to Edmonton’s bike network and the rapid evolution of bike planning best practices. The plan was informed by extensive engagement with Edmontonians, who shared their rich experiences, their ideas and their vision for the future.

The Bike Plan (2020) (20.4 MB) replaces the 2009 Bicycle Transportation Plan and provides strategic direction for how the City plans, designs, implements, operates and maintains bike infrastructure and programs.

The Bike Plan Implementation Guide 2021-2026 builds on the strategic direction provided in The Bike Plan. The guide provides more detail on implementation resources and timelines, project and program prioritization, the process to plan and build expansions to the bike network, considerations for an all-seasons network, and monitoring and evaluation.