Landscaping features authorized under a Licence of Occupation include planting that exceeds what is permitted through the City’s Residential Boulevard Gardening Program and are not owned or maintained by Parks and Roads Services. 

The Licence of Occupation is a formal permit that allows the property owner to use the road right-of-way for landscaping features. These features must not create potential hazards for pedestrians and/or vehicles or utilities that use the road right-of-way. 

This may include:

  • More ambitious gardening projects
  • Minor vertical features such as stakes or cages used to support plants
  • Ornamental features such as artwork, birdbaths, stepping stones, field stones
  • Decorative features and/or surfacing other than grass

All elements placed in the Licence Area through this Licence of Occupation must abide by the specifications outlined in Landscaping Licence of Occupation Guidelines in the menu below. Approval is required before planting to ensure all City stakeholders that use the road right of way are able to support the proposal.