The City of Edmonton has put in place policies, procedures and guidelines in order to ensure sustainable and stable development.

We consider various ecological, environmental, economic, and social/cultural factors when planning for housing, businesses, schools, parks, infrastructure, roads, and public facilities.

Community Knowledge Campus Needs Assessment Guidelines
A framework has been created for assessing the need for future school sites (Community Knowledge Campus, CKC) in newly developing areas of Edmonton.

Food and Agriculture Project
The City of Edmonton is developing a comprehensive strategy around food and agriculture, in collaboration with communities and stakeholders.

Oil and Gas Facilities
Edmonton has adopted an Oil and Gas Policy that establishes protocols and expectations for the orderly and safe co-existence between oil and gas facilities and urban development in and around the city.

Terms of Reference for Plans and Amendments
Terms of Reference have been updated for the preparation and amendment of residential area and neighbourhood structure plans; completed by Planning and Development in 2009.

Top of Bank Policy
This policy relates to urban development along the North Saskatchewan river valley and its ravine system. It aims to ensure that public and private property is reasonably safe from slope instability and failure.