The City of Edmonton aims to divert 90% of residential waste from landfill. But in order to meet that goal, changes need to be made to our current waste services programs. 

In fall 2019, City Council approved the 25-year Waste Strategy, which will change the way Edmontonians sort and manage waste. Learn more at

​Edmonton's waste system includes much more than waste collection​.​ Other services include:

  • Eco Stations to drop-off your household hazardous waste and ​e-waste
  • A Reuse Centre, ​that accepts household items and makes them available for reuse
  • Community recycling depots located throughout the city
  • Big Bin events to drop off large items at no charge
  • Assisted Waste collection for residents with mobility challenges
  • Workshops and presentations to help residents reduce, reuse, recycle and compost
  • Volunteering opportunities through the Master Composter Recycler program or the Reuse Centre
  • Tours ​of​ the Edmonton Waste Management Centre

You can also learn more about current projects and initiatives in the 2022-2023 Annual Service Plan.