The Open City Initiative is the City of Edmonton’s guide to pursue the City's commitment to improve Open Government through innovation and City processes. Open City strives to transform the City of Edmonton into a more transparent, open and accessible organization; connected to the public and responsive to their vision for government. 

The Open City Policy acts as the umbrella that encompasses all of the innovative open government work within the City of Edmonton. It allows administration to work with citizens to share information, develop common approaches, and to take on opportunities together. While provincial and federal open government initiatives focus on transparency and accountability. The two main components of the Open City Initiative are the release of Open Data as well as the development of an Analytics Centre of Excellence which focuses on the transition of data to information both for Citizens and for internal stakeholders. These components are in accordance to the 5 pillars that support the Open City foundation

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The City actively engages Edmontonians, non-profit organizations, businesses, and the community to design and deliver programs and services in an integrated and effective manner.


Edmontonians and City employees have access to information, programs and services, and the democratic processes that shape municipal decisions. This means reducing socioeconomic, physical and technical barriers, creating accessible channels for delivery of programs and services.


With the participation of Edmontonians and employees, the City envisions, creates and fosters new approaches, and efficient and sustainable practices.


The City believes that a democracy values and respects public input and engages people in decision making. Public engagement enhances the City’s effectiveness and improves the quality of its decisions by leveraging the collective knowledge of the community.


The City is a steward of the information we manage and the services we provide on behalf of Edmontonians. Being transparent with Edmontonians and internally promotes trust and accountability. The City’s information is a public asset; consistent with privacy and protection legislation, it is disclosed in forms that Edmontonians can readily find and easily use.