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Introducing Arc (Smart Fare), an electronic fare payment system for transit agencies in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Starting January 1, 2022, only Arc cards will be accepted as proof of payment for students participating in the U-Pass program. NAIT students can continue to use their valid student ID to tap on/off buses and the LRT.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to test the Arc electronic fare payment system. We continue to work toward the start of the pilot and will be following up with all successful applicants as details are confirmed.

If you submitted an application to be a volunteer, please continue to buy your fare product as you normally would (tickets, passes, and so on) until we contact you by email.

Arc - The smart way to pay for and ride transit

Arc is the name of the Edmonton region's smart fare product. It symbolizes creating a path between two points - much like how transit connects us to vital services, supports and each other. 

It is an account-based electronic fare payment system that will make paying for transit easier and more convenient in the greater Edmonton region. Transit users in Edmonton, St. Albert, Strathcona County, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Spruce Grove and Beaumont will all benefit from the same transit payment system when the program launches this fall for select fare groups.

The system includes an Arc card that can be tapped when entering and exiting buses and the LRT on all 7 participating transit systems. With Arc, money is stored on a secure online account, not on the card.

Specific program details about how Arc will work for different fare groups, such as Ride Transit pass holders, seniors, youth, individual riders and others will be available before Arc is rolled out to these groups. Only general information is available through 311 and regional transit customer service agents at this time.